Keep track on your cars with your own CRM-System

Keep track of your cars using your custom CRM system

You probably know this (all) too well. You have many cars for sale e.g. via Auto Orbis, and you have multiple sales reps communicating with various customers.

But you lack an overview of who has spoken about what - and with whom.

Why not get your very own CRM system, built to handle your particular challenges?

Make your work easier with Auto-Orbis’ CRM system

Cut down on the many work procedures involved in a car sale.

When you get a new car for sale, all you have to do is add it to your CRM system. From there, Auto Orbis’ portal automatically takes the information and puts your car for sale online. Easy peasy.

Once the initial work is done, you don’t have to add all the information once more to create an ad, it is already available for you in the system.

If you want to make sure your ads are on top, it will cost you a little extra. But no matter if you want that or not, your car is online as soon as you have created it.

Keep up with your customers via your CRM system

As if it wasn’t enough that you can easily manage cars and employees, you can also use the CRM system to ensure you keep up with your customers.

You and your employees can send offers through the system, keep track of who is in touch with the individual customer and ensure that enquiries are answered in a timely fashion.

You avoid misunderstandings with the customers - and internally.

Affordable CRM system

We get that having a dealership is costly. That is why we insist that your CRM system must be affordable. Actually, you don’t have to pay for your usage until you exceed DKK 50,000 for the number of cars, you have on offer.

Want to know more? Or just get started right now? Contact us at 70 60 51 50 or e-mail us at, And trust us to ensure you get the structure you need to monitor your sales.

If you own a leasing business a similar system is available for you. Get in touch to find out more about your options.

Auto Orbis is more than just another online car dealership - it is your shortcut to easy sales management.

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