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Guide to financing solutions

If you are considering leasing, be aware that there are several kinds of financing possibilities.

Below, we have gathered a brief overview to make it easier for you to make the right decision.

Private leasing

In Denmark, there are a whole host of advantages when choosing private leasing:

  • Up to 100 % financing of your leasing car
  • Free mileage during the leasing period
  • Affordable monthly leasing payments
  • Complete right of use of the leased car

To make the most of your private leasing, consider combining it with either a flex leasing or split-leasing scheme. This provides access to all the benefits of either of the two leasing models at an affordable price.


If you choose flex leasing, you only pay the registration fee for the desired leasing period. This usually entails that you pay a first-time instalment that covers approx. 25-30 % of the value of the car. Subsequently, you pay a fixed monthly fee. This means that you always know the exact monthly expense of the car.

The car’s age determines the percentage of the registration fee:

  • 2 % per month for the first 3 months of the car’s service life
  • 1 % from 3 to 36 months
  • 0,5 % from 36 months onwards.

Flex leasing is particularly interesting if you have your heart set on an expensive leasing car. You stand to save substantially more than if you were to purchase the car on your own.


It is possible for you to drive your company car without taxation if you choose a split-leasing solution. All it takes is for you and your employer to divide the expenses.

You share the expenses of car maintenance and lease with your employer. Furthermore, you pay for the private mileage time while your employer pays for your work mileage.

For more information about split-leasing in Denmark, please visit:

In order to save money with a split-leasing solution, more than 60 % of the mileage should be connected to your work.

Commercial leasing

For a company, commercial leasing is a strong alternative to traditional financing.

Some of the advantages of commercial leasing include:

  • Up to 100 % financing of your leasing cars
  • Free mileage during the leasing period
  • Affordable monthly leasing payments
  • Complete right of use of the leased car
  • Tax-deductible maintenance expenses
  • Attractive taxation assets.

If you combine your commercial leasing with flex or split-leasing, you increase the value you get from leasing cars.