Your showroom is one integration away

Your virtual showroom

Design your very own showroom with Auto Orbis.

Unlike a physical showroom, you pay a flexible fee depending on how many cars are in your showroom, how long you use it, how many ads you set up, etc.

You can also by add-ons such as service, insurance, warranties and much more, as well as adjust the price according to what your customer chooses.

Your showroom is just an integration away

To create your own showroom with Auto Orbis, you need what is called an API-integration.

It provides automatic access to all the data you store on your Auto Orbis Admin account.

When you choose to integrate your showroom with Auto Orbis, you only have to create your ads once. In Auto Orbis. After that, the cars are automatically transferred to your own website, using your own design.

If you do not have a website yet, you can find help for all of it right here.

You make it easier for customers to find and recognise you - and to deal with you no matter where they look for their next car.

This is how your showroom works

You can set up and transfer a long list of services to your website, including:

  • Flex-Leasing (Private / business – financial / operational)
  • Leasing (Private / business – financial / operational)
  • Mini-Leasing (Private / business - operational)
  • Split-Leasing (Private / business)
  • Flex-Leasing motorbikes (Private / business – financial / operational)
  • Taxed cars
  • Un-taxed cars

If you want to know more about the virtual showroom and how to easy it is to get started, please feel free to contact us

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Why Auto Orbis

Easy access
Computer or mobile device, you can access Auto Orbis anywhere any time.
Easy to get started
Auto Orbis is incredibly user friendly and easy to work with.
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Use our apps to administer your cars on the go. Accessible for Android and iOS.
Competitive prices
Our prices are kept low to ensure you get maximum gain from your sales.
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No matter if you want to buy, sell or lease a car, Auto Orbis is the place for you.
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Use chat or e-mail to get in touch with our support staff.
Get customers
Once you’ve set up your ad, Auto Orbis takes care of the marketing.
Car dealership
If you own a car dealership, visit the Dealership Portal for extra benefits.