Prepare your sale, and avoid mistakes

Auto Orbis’ Sales Guide

- 5 easy steps to ensure a safe car sale.

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It has never been easier to sell your car yourself. Payment and re-registration can happen instantly and you can create ads in minutes using our app or at

Here are 5 tips to ensure the perfect sale - without any nasty surprises.

You can find Auto Orbis’ bill of sale here LINK. The bill of sale adheres to the Danish rules in force at any given time, and it ensures that you remember all the necessary details of your sale.

  • Pricing
  • Preparation
  • Advertising
  • Requests and showing
  • Payment and handover


Besides colour, condition, mileage, extra gear and the make of your car, there are other things that can affect the price of your car, e.g. the current demand for the model and make as well as levy changes.

If you are in doubt about how to price your car, you can use Auto Orbis’ appraisal tool and make adjustments based on your search results. Our tool displays how many cars like yours are for sale at the moment here at Auto Orbis.

  1. Look up your car and see the other cars at: www. Auto

Extra gear is nice but not always a deciding factor when it comes to price. However, extras may make the car more saleable than cars of a similar model, year and make that do not come with the same equipment.

Know that when you sell the car privately, you are not covered by the Danish Sale of Goods Act’s regulations about consumer purchases. You do not have to offer a two-year right of complaint as car dealers have to. However, the exemption also means that the buyers will expect to get the car at a discount. Remember to take that into consideration when you are pricing your car.


Buyers come in all shapes and sizes. Some want to negotiate the price while others think the price is fixed. State clearly in your ad whether you are willing to negotiate price and want a serious offer or if the price is fixed. That way, you can avoid misunderstandings.


Before your car is ready for sale, it is important that you have made sure you have all the right documents and information about the car.

It is likewise important that you have some good pictures of the car that show its best features and are still honest. There is nothing worse than disappointed buyers who get a nasty surprise when the little scratch turns out to be a big, unsightly bump of rust.

We recommend you do the following before writing our ad:

  1. Find the car’s Danish Vehicle Registration Certificate (Part I and II).
  2. Find any important receipts relating to damages, repairs or extra gear. It is very positive if you are able to document investments in extra gear or major/important repairs.
  3. 3. Clean and photograph the car to make the most of your advertisement. When you want to catch the right buyers, good pictures are crucial. Make sure the car is clean and tidy. A dirty car gets fewer buyers. Find a calm background with no clutter and details and sufficient room for the whole car to be photographed. Bend down a little when you take the pictures and make sure to take plenty to have something to choose from. Take pictures of equipment that is unique to your car - e.g. heating in the steering wheel, sat nav or adaptive cruise control. The following angles are helpful to display your car:
    1. At a slanted angle from the front with the wheels turned so the rim faces the camera
    2. From the side
    3. At a slanted angle from behind, to display the opposite side of the car to the picture from the side
    4. Dashboard (remember to adjust the steering wheel and ventilation nozzles)
    5. Front seats
    6. Back seats
    7. Boot
    8. Special equipment or service manual including stamps


Just use your cell phone to take the pictures. Today, most smartphones have good cameras that easily match the quality necessary for a car advertisement. Furthermore, it is simple and quick to transfer pictures from the phone to the ad.


You are ready to create your ad. If you took pictures with your smartphone, the easiest way to proceed is to open or download our app, which makes it a breeze to create an ad and add pictures. Once the pictures are attached, you can change to using your pc or tablet if you find it easier when writing your sales text. If you want to continue on your smartphone, you can do that too.

If there is anything particular you have loved about your car, make sure to include it in the text. It is your text along with the pictures that have to catch the buyers’ interest.

  1. Begin creating your ad by searching Auto Orbis or visit and click “Sell your car” - No matter if you use our app or the website, you will be guided through the process.
  2. Write the right text - A lot of the content for your ad is based on the car’s license plate and some simple options for you to choose from. But a good description of the car adds credibility and increases your chances that interested buyers are able to find your car through a keyword search. If there are any significant flaws to the car, you have to include them - also include your thoughts on why the car would be a perfect car no. 2 or similar.
  3. Publish and monitor your ad - Even the greatest ad in the world is not always enough to attract buyers. Maybe the market is simply very small, or other vendors have a lower price than yours. In that case, consider if you want to undercut the price or wait until the other cars are sold. We recommend that you monitor the number of views and consider adjusting your price or adding a new description if you are not satisfied with the number of requests.

Requests & showing

How to get it right when handling requests and showing your car?

It is a hard sea to navigate. Even if it is very rare in Denmark, there are dishonest people out there, and you do not need any grief. Below is some good advise on how to avoid unpleasant experiences:

  • Do not answer requests from foreign phone numbers - Unless you are selling a truly rare car, it is highly unlikely that you will get requests from abroad. Because of the Danish levies, Danish cars are not very attractive and most foreign buyers will avoid buying a Danish car.
  • Be suspicious if a buyer does not want to see the car in person - Some scams includes the car being shipped abroad and often there are false receipts for money transfers via PayPal or similar. In such cases, there is a greater risk of you being cheated than of you making a good deal.
  • Use your gut and our customer service - If in doubt about a buyer’s request, feel free to call our customer service. You will get to speak to an expert who can help you find out which are real requests and which are not.

Furthermore, there are a few things you need to be aware of once the buyer has shown genuine interest and wants to test drive the car. Make sure the car is clean and tidy - somehow we all agree that a clean car simply runs smoother.

If you want to make sure that your car and the buyer returns to you from the test drive, you can tag along. It is completely normal procedure. In any event, make sure you have a picture of the buyers (valid) driver’s license and medical card. This helps you prove the buyer’s identity and address.

If you are the least bit insecure, arrange for the test drive to take place from another address than your home address and ask a friend to come along.


As the owner of the car, it is your responsibility to ensure that the buyer has a valid driver’s license. If there are any damages during the test drive, it may affect your future insurance terms - and you also need to know that any excess for damages incurred must be paid by you as long as you are the registered owner of the car.

Payment and handover

Today, the majority of private car deals are sealed with an immediate transfer, which most online banking solutions support. When you use immediate transfer, you can see the payment pop up on your account at the same time as you hand over the keys to the car. We recommend that you handle the transfer and handover as follows:

  1. Make sure all the relevant documents are in order. Vehicle Registration Certificate, all keys, service manual and other items or papers relating to the car. Remind the buyer that he/she needs to bring id etc. for the immediate transfer, valid driver’s license, medical card and a laptop, if the buyer prefers to use his/her own laptop for the money transfer.
  2. Together, you go over the service manual and bill of sale. Use Auto Orbis’ bill of sale (find it at the bottom of the guide) to make sure you do not forget anything - and remember to add any specific agreements you have made in the comments section. As a vendor, you need to make sure that it is evident that the car is sold as tried and tested, unless you are prepared to assume more responsibility than necessary. Once you agree on the content, you can sign the contract. If it is possible to make a copy on site, you can settle for one copy, otherwise you have to fill in and sign two copies.
  3. Transfer the purchase price - Let the buyer log on to the online bank using a laptop or computer that you put to his/her disposal and transfer the agreed amount. Make sure the money is transferred correctly to your bank account. We do not recommend that you accept cash, credit card or other kinds of payment, as they tend to pose a greater threat of fraud than a money transfer.
  4. Re-register the car - The buyer has an average of 4 weeks to re-register the car. However, we always recommend that you do it right away. The buyer needs to use a computer and visit All you need is the buyer’s id and the car’s Vehicle Registration Certificate, and you can be done in just 5 minutes.
  5. Congratulate the buyer and find your next dream car - All that is left for you to do is to congratulate the buyer, hand over the keys and any other gear. You are welcome to surf around to find your next dream car - after all you have money to burn now.


Never accept payment that you do not know and wait until you can se the money is transferred safely into your account before handing over the keys to the car.